Release & Change Log

V 1.2.3

Settings UI/UX changes and improvements.

Added voice selection.

Implemented & testing browser search within responses.

Improved background connectivity.

Improved response latency from background system.

Fixed issues with automatic reconnection to previously connected devices.

Implemented thread chains chats.

Updated models to GPT-4o & GPT-4 Turbo for handling the core responses.

Navigation improvements.

Added general setting.

Other UI changes & improvements.

V 1.2.2

Implemented background connectivity, even when the phone is off or other apps are being used.

Automatic reconnection to previously connected devices.

Fixed issues with audio feedback for overlapping requests.

Improved both the quality and responsiveness of haptic feedback, further refining the tactile user interaction.

Combination of voice and text chat options, for seamless continuation of chat.

Added support for Apple authorization and login, making it easier for users with Apple devices to access and use Tap.

Other bug fixes and system changes to improve overall stability and performance.

V 1.2.1

Expanded the tool set to enhance system capabilities and performance.

Focused on addressing issues with overlapping speech requests and responses, ensuring clearer communication.

Enhanced haptic feedback for a more tactile and responsive user interaction.

Improved the accuracy and responsiveness of location detection and weather support to provide more reliable and timely information to users.

V 1.2.0

Implemented various improvements to enhance functionality and aesthetics of the interface.

Introduced support for feedback alert messages to facilitate better communication with users.

Addressing locally based log storage, for addition privacy.

Resolved browser behaviors, including missing tile backgrounds, to ensure consistency across different web environments.

Audio Improvements.

Onboarding UI improvements.

Other bug fixes.

V 1.1

Various UI improvements for the chat, settings, input, improving usability and visual appeal to provide a more engaging and intuitive user experience.

Location support.

Weather support.

Battery life support.

V 1.0

Introduced a chat user interface for text based interactions, implemented Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with devices, testing connections system & AI models for processing, and enabled AI voice capabilities for feedback.

Language auto detection.

Headphone support.